These chocolate Easter eggs are a huge tradition in Mr. Man’s family.  His gramma has been making them for years.  I’m not exactly sure how many, but from the looks of the recipe cards that I looked at a few weeks ago, I would say a LONG time 🙂

They are super fun to make and delicious.  I will post the recipes below and my comments below that 🙂  Enjoy and HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!!

Again ~ sorry about the quality ~ but HELLO Easter eggs (and this was only half of what we did!!)

Again ~ sorry about the quality ~ but HELLO Easter eggs (and this was only half of what we did!!)


Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

From the kitchen of

Mr. Man’s Gramma



1 stick margarine

1 – 18 oz. Jar of peanut butter 

1 lb. Confectioner’s sugar (about 4 cups)


Instructions:  Mix well and form into egg shapes  May have to add a little more sugar. Coat with melted coating chocolate.



Peanut Butter Easter Eggs with Rice Krispies

From the kitchen of

Mr. Man’s Gramma




½ cup butter

1 – 18 oz. Jar of peanut butter 

1 lb. Confectioner’s sugar (about 4 cups)

3 cups Rice Krispies – crushed


Instructions:  Blend peanut butter and butter with mixer. Add sugar and blend.  Add Rice Krispies. Chill and then mold into egg shapes. Coat with melted coating chocolate.


Mocha Truffles

From the kitchen of

Mr. Man’s Gramma




2 packages (12 ounce) semisweet chocolate bits

1 package (8 ounce) cream cheese, softened

3 tablespoons instant coffee granules

2 teaspoons water

1 pound dark chocolate confectionery coating


Instructions:  In a microwave safe bowl or double boiler, melt chocolate chips. Add cream cheese, coffee and water, mix well. Chill only until firm enough to shape.  Shape into 1 inch balls and place on waxed paper. Chill for 1-2 hours. Melt chocolate coating in microwave or double boiler. Dip balls and place on waxed paper to harden. If desired melt white coating and drizzle over truffles.




Vanilla Butter Creams

From the kitchen of

Mr. Man’s Gramma





8 ounces Philadelphia Cream Cheese 

2 pounds confectioners’ sugar 

½ pound butter 

1 teaspoon vanilla 


Peanut Butter Eggs: 

    Add 1 ½ – 2 cups peanut butter to above mixture 


Coconut Eggs:  

    Add 14 ounces coconut to above mixture 


Instructions:      Filling:  Soften cheese and butter.  Mix by hand with sugar and vanilla.  Blend well. Chill.  Shape into balls or eggs. Chill again.  Coating: Melt chocolate and wax in bowl over hot water.  Dip chilled eggs in chocolate mixture and place on wax paper to cool.



Ok ~ so here are my comments…and hopefully helpful hints 🙂

Make sure that the eggs are well chilled before dipping.  Otherwise they will fall apart in the chocolate.  Also. I use the Wilton or Make-A-Mold melts that you can get at either Michael’s (Wilton) or AC Moore (Make-A-Mold).  I use dark chocolate.  But I’m sure you could use milk.  You could probably also use almond bark which usually melts really well ~ some grocery stores have it ~ some don’t.  And there is no actual “almond” in it ~ not sure why it’s call that?  Also, to dip them I used a long metal skewer, and I have a small electric chocolate melter that I got at Wal-Mart for like $20.00 – SUCH a deal.  Otherwise it’s hard to keep the chocolate the correct consistency when you’re melting it.  And I have another skewer that I have to use sometimes to “gently” nudge the eggs off the skewer.  Some of them just slide right off.  And make sure to tap as much chocolate off before placing on the wax paper so you don’t have a pool of chocolate underneath.  And if you DO get a little pool ~ fear not ~ just take a toothpick and “score” a line around it (once the chocolate has hardened a bit).
And one of the recipes says to mix by hand.  Ummm, use a mixer.  KitchenAid is my life saver.   Also ~ to flavor code the different type ~ just use different color candy decorations (like the confetti, flowers, etc.) so you can tell them all apart.  And it helps mask the inevitable hole that the skewer leaves.  One more note.  The chocolate truffles get REALLY hard in the fridge – and fast.  So those are best made in the morning, rolled, and dipped that afternoon, night.  As for the others ~ leave them in the fridge at LEAST overnight, if not longer.  They are soft!!

I have a few more recipes that my gramma gave me for almond, strawberry, mint, etc.  I’m sure you could just add different extracts to the buttercream recipe ~ I don’t have my gramma’s recipe here to compare.  And these are great any time of the year!!!  🙂

Now if you’ll please excuse me I need to go finish rolling and sculpting my Easter cake pops alla Bakerella.  Photos of those to come!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!


Wow!  Has it *really* been over a month since my last post?  Gee ~ can you say loser unmotivated?

Oh well.  I guess that’s life.  Not a whole lot has been going on in my life to write about.  Ok ~ actually ~ I lied.  WAYYYYY too friggin much has been going on.  And not in my life.  But in lives of those around me.  And my mind is too boggled and bogged down to even think about writing anything that would actually make any sense at all (not to mention even be worth reading!).  So ~ there you have it.  My excusereasoning….  And no.  I am not writing about what has been going on because if I did it would seem like some sort of a soap opera.  And not even a good one ~ sort of a *wtf* white trash one.  So to spare you all of bleeding eyeballs I will just keep that información to my self!

On another note.  Recently I have been obsessed with reading other blogs.  I usually discover them by reading one and clicking on blogrolls, etc.  But one blog in particular that I frequent way too often is one that is infamous in the blogging world.  And using the word infamous is an understatement.  This woman is amazing.  And she just won Blog of the Year (along with a few other awards) at the “Bloggies” which took place in Austin, Texas earlier this week.  Now I’m no expert on blogs ~ I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a blog award thingy ~ but apparently there is ~ and she won.  Enough of the blabber:  here is her site ~ The Pioneer Woman.  She R-O-C-K-S!!  www.thepioneerwoman.com.  I’m not even sure how she does it all.  Always posting new blogs on cooking, photography, life in general, her kids (I believe she has four), gardening and even homeschooling.  Honestly ~ how can one woman do all of that AND have time to blog about it and do it in such a fashion that she wins awards?  Amazing.  I need to be like her.  Oh well.  Another life.  Her recipes rock and I have tried a bunch of them.  In any event, I’m babbling again.  So this weekend I decided to make the cake ball bites that Bakerella came to her house (ie ranch) and taught her to make.  They are the CUTEST things on earth.  No really, they are.  I just about melted when I saw them!!   I decided to make them for our family Sunday dinner which this past Sunday was in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  We had corned beef, boiled carrots, potatoes and cabbage, Irish soda bread and then these little charms. 🙂

To humor myself I’m going to post a few of the “stages” that it took to make these little bundles of cuteness.  Let me just start of saying that you need to have a lot of patience to do these.  They are fun ~ but they get a little tedious once all the dipping starts. (not to mention waiting for them to firm up in the fridge, or freezer ~ but again, I lack on patience).   Unfortunately I have no photos of that stage ~ since I was the one taking the photos and dipping.  And I needed both hands for the dipping!!

All the directions on how to make these are on Pioneer Woman’s website ~ I give her and her fellow baking chica Bakerella all the credit.  It is duly deserved 🙂


These are the little cakeballs prior to decorating and getting all fancied up.  (Please excuse the big blob of saran wrap I inadvertently left in the background).  In fact, please excuse all my photos.  They are not a good quality at all.  Needless to say I need a new rockin’ camera and some skills too yo!  Oh sorry ~ skipping into my hood talk. Carryin’ along…

 getting there

Here are the cake balls after being set in candy molds filled with melted white chocolate.  They would be super cute if done with dark chocolate on the bottom and mixing up the “frosting” or top color.  But I was doing these in the spirit o’ the Irish.  I don’t really have any more actual “construction” photos.  Oops.  But here are how they turned out after dipping in green colored white chocolate and then vice versa.  You’ll see…

aren't we cute?

Aren’t they just the cutest little bundles of joy (you know, for an inadimate object) ~ breathing, drooling, cooing, screaming smiling babies clearly take the cake ~ but hey, you admire what you have . . .

oh my yumminess

And that is all.  My little cupcake bites all fancied up for St. Patty’s Day.  I hope you had a fun one.  You know ~ without any pesky leprechauns sneaking into your house and coloring your toilet water green (I heard this happened out in Minnesota ~ I think the leprechaun is perhaps fed up with the winter and thinks it is time for spring and therefore was being a troublemaker ~ but hey, that’s just my opinion!)

Until we meet again ~ Lebanese Blonde

I am posting this because I think I should post something because it has been FAR too long since I’ve posted anything at all.  Major slacker.

I am really going to try to post something once in awhile.  I’ve just been side-tracked as of late.  But I have jumped on the 25 Random Facts About Me bandwagon that is all over Facebook ~ so here are mine.  Enjoy ~ or don’t 😉

 1. I met my best friend and husband 9 ½ years ago in Boston. And at first I wasn’t into him ~ he had become my friend ~ but that’s about as far as it went. He wanted more ~ I got annoyed. (typical of me) In fact, the day/night we started dating I had a grand plot to take him to the Bruins/Red Wings game, get a few beers in him and then go to his (and Katie’s) birthday party and set him up with some other girls that I had met. Clearly that didn’t work and I am SO grateful that it didn’t. He is my best friend, a wonderfully amazing man and I am lucky and blessed to be able to call him my husband.

2. Even though I grew up in the rolling hills of Vermont and was always outside in the coldness (and hotness of Vermont summers ~ yes, they do exist!), I am a beach girl at heart. Put me by a beach, sand and the ocean and I am the happiest girl on earth.

3. I miss living in Boston. I miss the culture, the hustle and bustle, and cozy feel of it even though it’s a pretty good size city. But I don’t miss the cost of it ~ and it will be nice to actually be able to afford a house around here!

4. The thing that I desire the most in the world is to be a mom. I want nothing more. I didn’t used to be like this ~ I always wanted to be the corporate woman. But lately the “mommy urge” is at full force. And my eyes have definitely been opened since my sister had her first child. And I want to be a stay-at-home mom 🙂

5. I am the oldest of five children. And I desperately wish that I was closer to all of them. This goes for my parents as well. I was never close to my mom and I miss that relationship that I see others have.

6. I am always cold. But usually refuse to bundle up because I hate having too many clothes and layers on. Odd, I know.

7. I love going to the gym and working out. If I miss going for a day due to something I can’t control it makes me very angry and I get mad at myself. (Clearly this is a problem). If I could spend three hours a day there I would be the happiest person in the world.

8. I have an addiction to good food. Sort of a gourmand of types. I love cooking and trying new recipes using the freshest and best ingredients. And I love Gordon Ramsey (I think because sometimes I think like him. ~people just don’t have common sense~ Rob and I have a tendency to go to restaurants and criticize them, silently of course, and ponder what Gordon would think)

9. I love wine. I love trying new wines and learning about them. It is just so darn interesting ~ not to mention delicious!

10. I have a 12-inch long steel rod in my back due to the fact that I had to have scoliosis surgery when I was 17. That was not a fun summer.

11. I grew up in Vermont and every summer since I was about 11 or 12 my parents made us grow vegetables in our multiple gardens and sell them at the local Farmer’s Market. Unlike most teens I did not have a typical summer job. Unless you count getting up at 5am everyday to weed, pick, or sell produce. It was probably the hardest job that I have ever had ~ but I suppose that my father got what he wanted ~ to instill the “hard-worker” in us.

12. I miss college life. Not so much the school part. But the friends and the experiences. I miss the Kappa house. The wonderful and amazing friends that I met there. And the “girl” support that we had 24/7. Nothing could be better.

13. I used to ski race. It was a lot of work and I was never that great at it ~ but it did teach me a lot about skiing and about people. It was the most competitive sport that I have ever been involved in and it was very mental. Too much so for me. I couldn’t deal with the pressure. In fact I think that I quit my sophomore year because it was too much. Plus, I wasn’t going to be on the next Olympic team so I didn’t think it made sense to continue. :0)

14. Grocery stores stress me out. I don’t know why. But when I’m in one I tweak. I think it’s because there is so much there and so much that I want to buy because I love food: see #8; and I want to buy and try everything. I guess it’s mental overload. I have recently become better and can’t go into a grocery store without a list. If I don’t have a list ~ watch out!

15. I have a really hard time making decisions.

16. I would love to open my own bakery or restaurant/bar ~ but sadly I don’t have the gumption to do it. The thought of failing scares the shit out of me.

17. When I was in elementary school my dad took me to hunter’s safety course. And then I had to get up at 4:00 am before school during hunting season and sit-in-a-tree / walk-aimlessly-around-fields for hours – freezing my arse off and trying not to cough (because if I did my dad would yell at me for “scaring” all the deer away). The last time I went with him is the day that we sat in a tree for hours – me coughing away – and him getting annoyed. On the walk home he shot a deer, I got the privilege of carrying my gun, his gun AND the interiors of the deer home. Oh – and I was late to school because it took so long to drag the darn thing back to our house. Did I mention I own a gun?

18. I have recently become obsessed with The Office. Hands down the funniest show ever.

19. I want to learn how to sail. And I want to own a boat ~ but not a sail boat!

20. I never went to a high school prom.

21. I miss working in the restaurant business ~ but love the fact that I can actually spend time with my husband and have a “real” life.

22. I miss hanging out at my friend Rebecca’s farm, helping out with milking her cows, feeding them, taking care of the calves and even the scary horses (I’ve always been scared of horses).

23. If I had a “do-over” in careers and paths to take in life. I think that I would like to become an interior designer or an auction house employee (Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Doyle). Although this would entail me to actually have a clue about art ~ which is clearly not the case.

24. I never drank until I was studying in Europe. And it was on my 20th birthday (or around then). Boy do the French know how to throw a party. I will never forget my family there and the good times I had. Hands down two of the best summers of my life. (Oh, and the first time I drank/got drunk actually “out” at a bar was with Kate (Myers) Brennan in Madrid ~ best night ever. Into the city at 11pm and out on the first subway at 7am. That is a night I will never forget!)

25. My choice of my last meal on earth would be smoked salmon on latkes with crème fraîche and Beluga caviar, steak tartar, asparagus and a glass (or two) of vintage French Bordeaux.

There are lots of random facts and thoughts tumbling around in my head.  Sort of like a dryer on that eternal “fluff” cycle.  Except my mind is “fluffing” a lot of nothing around.  Grrrrrr….

1.  I thought that this was supposed to be a new year and all.  And yet I have no, absolutely NO, motivation to do anything.  What on earth is wrong with me?  Could it be the fact that it’s 6 degrees outside and I just want to hibernate?

2.  Mr. Man finally got a new job ~ yippee!!!  And it really looks promising.  And he’s really excited about it.  Which is another good thing.  Nothing worse than being at a boring and unmotivating job.

3.  Ranelle’s little boy walked the other day.  10 months and 2 days ~ awh.  The video she posted on Facebook is adorable and I can’t stop watching it.  Seriously ~ it is the cutest thing in the world.  He walks a few steps and just plops right down.  She picks him up and he just keeps walking and then plops again.  So cute.  And he just keeps doing it.  And he looks like he’s having so much fun!  Why can’t I have that much fun walking?  Hmmmm….note to self: must find a way to make walking more fun (perhaps spin in circles a few times beforehand ~ or just drink a lot of wine ~ either one would prove to be amusing to some point!)

4.  I feel like a bad granddaughter.  I haven’t seen my grandparent’s in so long.  Any of them.  But at least my gramma that lives in NH got this really cool email machine.  We can email her a message and this little printer in her room just spits out an email ~ and you can even make it festive looking with flowers, confetti, and who knows what else.  Great way to keep in touch.  Now why can’t I think of something clever like that?  (oh ya, see #1)

5.  Mr. Man and I are supposed to do a triathlon in April.  Yet I have yet to actually really truley start training.  I go to the gym, I lift weights, I run, I do cardio.  But I have yet to swim, bike and run.  In that order.  Or for some parts, at all.  Ugh.  I’m going to have to get my butt in gear.  And PRONTO!

6.  I am at work and supposed to be learning how to use Access.  Which, by the way, is the most annoying and illey (is that a word?) put together computer program on the planet.  Seriously.  I thought that Microsoft was supposed to be all user friendly.  Nope.  They missed the boat on this one.  So so so frustrating.  Damn Bill Gates and his minions.

7.  I am 100% officially addicted to The Office.  Never seen it before until this week, when I started watching old episodes, starting with the Pilot (duh, who would start watching in the middle of a season?) and moving forward from there.  Thank God for Netflix.  Now I am officially addicted.  It is bad.  I’m almost done Season 2 and moving on into 3.  Then what?  I have to actually wait with the rest of the junkies until Thursday nights?  Lord help me.

8.  I seriously had a bunch of stuff to write on here, but I have totally forgotten them all.  Seriously.  And they were good too.  I’m going to have to start actually writing my ideas down.  “Oldtimers” disease is starting people.  HELP!

Dear Lebanese Blonde ~

I am wondering where you have gone?  You do know that it’s been since last year that you wrote in me ~ don’t you?  Did you forget to update your calendar?  Tear off the December 31st?  Did someone not get a new calendar for Christmas?  😦 If so kindly let me know ~ I will order one from Amazon.com as soon as I possibly can.  You see ~ I actually like being used.  Ya, ya.  Most things don’t “like” “being used”.  But I do.  It’s fun.  It’s entertaining (well, for the most part if you don’t get all serious on me).   And it’s why I’m here.  It. Is. My. Purpose.

So feel free to return.  Come back if you can. 

Or maybe you just went on vacation?  Nah ~ I don’t think that’s the case ~ I can tell you’re lurking on other blogs. 

So get back here.  Now.  I demand you.


your blog


Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year.  I’m sure you all thought that I had dropped off the end of the earth ~ but alas, I am alive! 

I’ve just been busy over the past week or so.  And “busy” is the understatement of the year.  In the past week I’ve:

  1. Gone to one Christmakah celebration (it wasn’t titled that, but I am titling it so), in which I consumed copious amounts of delectable smoked salmon on potato latkas topped with crème fraîche and caviar – oh my!  Sooooo good.  I wish I had a plate full right now.  And for the main course we had cioppano.  Which, by the way, is one of the best things on earth.  Lots of fresh shellfish, seafood and fish in a light tomato base.  What could be better?  YUMMY!
  2. Had a delicious Christmas Eve feast of fresh steamed Maine lobstahs and cole slaw ~ for most a little bizarre for Christmas Eve dinner ~ but not for us.  We go BONKERS around the stuff.  Just ask Mr. Man.  He thinks that we are transformed some sort of cannibal when we consume the stuff.  Shells and juice flying everywhere – HA.  Well you just sit back and enjoy your marinated sirloin.  I’ll eat your portion of lobSTAH!
  3. Breakfast on Christmas morning consisted of more smoked salmon piled high on bagels with cream cheese and tomato (my FAVORITE breakfast of all time!).  Threw back a few mimosas during the unwrapping of gifts (well, it was actually after the unwrapping).  We were all too consumed with videoing and photographing my sister Ranelle’s little boy.  omg ~ cutest kid on earth.  Seriously.  And I used to think that I was the only one that thought this.  But nope, while perusing the photos from the week the other evening even Mr. Man agrees with me!  🙂  ready yet honey?  And later on we gorged on some delicious ham and then later for dinner we grilled up some marinated steaks and steamed broccoli with brown rice.  Can you tell I like to eat?
  4. After all the Christmas festivities Mr. Man and I hit the road back home and enjoyed a day after Christmas dinner with his rents and opened more gifts.  And drank more wine.  Oh ~ did I mention that I’m pretty sure that I’ve already consumed my 2009 allotment of wine in the past week?  Well ~ I have.  But oh well.  Nothing I can do about that now 😉
  5. Saturday evening Mr. Man and I hosted his Gramma, Dad and step-mother (I think that society needs to come up with a better title ~ because doesn’t “step” just sound morbid?  Like something bad out of Cinderella?  I digress….).  And for dinner I made a yummy salad, brown rice, and steamed broccoli (yes, I ate it earlier in the weak, but I have a weak spot in my heart for the stuff ~ simply steamed with a drizzle of evoo or grapeseed oil, salt and lemon juice on it and it will just melt in your mouth!!).  Oh yes, and I even made stuffed mushrooms for an app.  Yum.  Never made them before but the recipe I used is a keeper!  And we enjoyed a nice pecan pie for dessert.  I know it’s Mr. Man’s favorite.  And now I know that it’s a favorite in his whole family ~ so I am definitely making a mental note of that.  But honestly.  Who wouldn’t like pecan pie?  It’s like a big piece of candy.  And top it with ice cream and fresh whipped cream and voila ~ bliss!

Well, amongst all the eating I actually enjoyed myself immensely.  Sheesh!  Seems all I did was eat.  I did more.  Really.  I did!!!!  I got to see all my sisters, just missing my bro.  He stayed back in Ohio to be with his wife’s family for the holiday.  Spent lots of good quality time with all family members, drinking wine, cooking food, enjoying each others company.  And hey!  We even got Mama to have some peppermint schnapps 🙂  And on a few occasions.  Ok, by “we” I should say Ranelle’s hubby.  He’s clever that one!  And I’m beginning to see a pattern ~ but of course no one here knows about it ~ but to keep it simple Mama doesn’t drink but was spied (and photo documented) doing some sort of shot a few years back in Maine.  And alas ~ she is back at it.  You go Ma!

So yes, a good time was had by all.  But now we must gear up for round 2, or should I say 9? of the holiday festivities.  New Year’s Eve 2009 is in just two short days and I have NOTHING planned.  Not.An.Inkling.Of.What.To.Do.  EEK!!!  I really have to get on top of the planning.  And pronto.  Timesa tickin’!!!  At least I need to get my bootie to the store for some festive bubbles.  That’s a start right? 



It’s finally here!!  We have snow.  Yippee!!!  Now:  I have mixed feelings about this.  I love the snow and I think that the first “real” snowfall is beautiful.  But in about 3 weeks I’ll be over it.  Kaput.  Done.  Get it outta here.  Ready for 80 degree weather.  But in the meantime ~ it’s gorgeous.  And it makes the whole world seem better.  Well ~ Let me rephrase that.  It makes me feel better when I’m home, snuggled on my couch with a delicious glass of red wine or a cup of tea (and no I don’t drink hot cocoa ~ gets me SOOO sick).  Traveling in the fluffy stuff is never a fun time.  But ~ it is fun to take a walk in it.  Go sledding.  And of course go skiing!!!!   And I am hoping that I can go this coming weekend.  No.  Not tomorrow.  But the weekend after Christmas.  Because this weekend is going to be WAYYYYYY too busy running errands to finish up last minute all my holiday gifts, baking Christmas cookies, cleaing up the apartment, doing loads and loads and loads of laundry, wrapping all previously mentioned gifts and packing my bags before we make a 5:00am departure for the great north on Tuesday morning.  So I definitely have my work cut out for me. 

But ~ in the meantime ~ as in before I venture off onto the scary roads ~ I am just going to keep my festive Christmas music playing here in my office and pretend that I don’t have anything to do aside from stare out the window at the beautiful snow falling.

AND on that note.  I just got a call from the big boss saying that I can go home early!!  WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!  Happy weekend everyone 🙂